Kale Caesar Salad w/ Chickpea Croutons

Those classic dishes that every family has on most of their dinner tables can often go unappreciated. Maybe it’s because people have it so often or maybe it’s just not as good as I think it is. I know that I did not start appreciating how good caesar salad is until I became vegan and suddenly I couldn’t have it anymore.

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Vanilla Almond Granola

When I (Kat) told Devin that I was going to make a granola recipe for Two Market Girls she immediately asked for a vanilla almond granola. She needed something to top her smoothie bowls in the morning and this is the best topper.

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Vegan Cassachos

Hot For Food is a big inspiration to us here at Two Market Girls. We love their videos because there is no secret formula to them or cheesy gimmick. They just work because they are fun and have entertaining videos. Hot For Food is a huge part of why Two Market Girls is even a thing. Thank you Hot For Food for being a constant inspiration and entertaining us every Wednesday.

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Vegan Queso Dip

One of the things that people find hardest to give up when going vegan is cheese. For a while vegan cheeses just weren’t very good. All that has changed. Vegan cheeses now are almost hard to tell from that actual thing and this vegan jalapeno cheese dip is no different.

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Mason Jar Salad

September at Two Market Girls is all about quick and easy meals. With it being the end of summer and back to school or work, time to make meals can kind of disappear.

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Homemade Croutons

Croutons are life. Can we all agree that the best part about a salad is the croutons? Do you eat the croutons first or last? Do you even eat the salad? We’ll admit, sometimes we don’t.

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