Kale Caesar Salad w/ Chickpea Croutons

Those classic dishes that every family has on most of their dinner tables can often go unappreciated. Maybe it’s because people have it so often or maybe it’s just not as good as I think it is. I know that I did not start appreciating how good caesar salad is until I became vegan and suddenly I couldn’t have it anymore.

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Vegan Big Mac Poutine

Big Macs were always one of our favourite things before going vegan. It’s what I (Kat) craved the most when I originally went vegetarian in high school. The Mac sauce is one of the best sauces ever so we thought hey let’s veganize it.

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Crispy Deep Fried Pickles

IT’S DEEP FRIED PICKLES TIME!!!!!!!!! Is there any better time? Nope.

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Chocolate Chunk Cookies

The holiday season is fast approaching and their are no better gifts than homemade cookies! These are probably some of the best chocolate chunk cookies out there and are good year round. While they may not be Christmas cookies they are delicious so it doesn’t matter.

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Pumpkin Pie Jars


It’s our favourite season; pumpkin season! We want pumpkin decor, pumpkin spice, pumpkin smell and pumpkin taste. This awesome recipe brings you all four! Not only are the super pretty to look at but they also taste delicious. Even better, they’re way easy to make. We hate over-complicated recipes at Two Market Girls, so I assure you this is the farthest thing from it.

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Vegan Cassachos

Hot For Food is a big inspiration to us here at Two Market Girls. We love their videos because there is no secret formula to them or cheesy gimmick. They just work because they are fun and have entertaining videos. Hot For Food is a huge part of why Two Market Girls is even a thing. Thank you Hot For Food for being a constant inspiration and entertaining us every Wednesday.

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Coconut Whipped Cream


Stop buying your whipped cream at the store. Instead make this super easy and delicious vegan coconut whipped cream for all your whip cream needs. Coconut whipped cream is pretty much good on anything. Put it on a slice of pie or on some fresh fruit or better yet just spoon it into your mouth. We won’t judge.

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Vegan Queso Dip

One of the things that people find hardest to give up when going vegan is cheese. For a while vegan cheeses just weren’t very good. All that has changed. Vegan cheeses now are almost hard to tell from that actual thing and this vegan jalapeno cheese dip is no different.

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Mason Jar Salad

September at Two Market Girls is all about quick and easy meals. With it being the end of summer and back to school or work, time to make meals can kind of disappear.

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Avocado Chocolate Pudding

Chocolate pudding is one of those amazing comfort foods. We can’t tell you how many times we begged our parents to buy chocolate pudding from the grocery store when we were kids.

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The Girls Behind Two Market Girls

Two Market Girls was started in August of 2016 by two high school best friends Katherine and Devin. Together we create easy and delicious vegan recipes that anyone can enjoy. With Devin behind the camera and Katherine behind the recipes, we’re the ultimate team. At least we think so, but we may be biased, but I doubt it.


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Veg Food Fest 2016


It’s that time of year again. VEG FOOD FEST TIME! This year marks the festivals 32nd year in Toronto and it is bigger and better! Every year Toronto hosts one of the biggest all vegan food festival in North America. It features amazing (mostly) local food, clothing, beauty and service vendors. Its the best way to introduce yourself to all things vegan! This was Katherine’s third time at the festival, while it was Devin’s first time. We ate, we drank and we had an impromptu dessert picnic with Hot For Food’s Lauren and John.

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