Kombucha Pretzel Knots

Bread is life’s greatest pleasure. I mean have you had bread before? Have you had fresh baked bread before? If you have, then you get way I say bread is life’s greatest pleasure. You haven’t lived until you have had freshly baked bread.

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Apple Sage Stuffed Mushrooms

Continuing on with our Brickwork’s Cider series we bring you stuffed mushrooms!

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Roasted Vegetables – How to Vegan the Holidays

How to Vegan the Holidays PART 2 is here! With it you are one step closer to having a 100% plant-based and your best Christmas yet. Last week we gave you the perfect main and a side for your holiday. This week we bring you TWO more amazingly delicious sides!

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Lemon Pepper Cauliflower Bites

These were requested by a few followers on Instagram and we are so glad they were! The two cauliflower bite recipes ¬†on this blog now because of it are killer! You’ll love them.

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