Two Market Girls was started in August of 2016 with the idea of being an outlet to spread creation. It is a minimalist vegan blog featuring all things vegan. With a dab of lifestyle writing.

Every recipe is and will always be vegan. That is they contain no meat, dairy or eggs. We aim to get people back in their kitchen by using our minimalist recipes. Recipes that don’t intimidate or confuse. Each recipe either has minimal ingredients, takes minimal time, or uses minimal equipment/tools. In case you didn’t get the point, they’re minimal.

Every other Wednesday we also post something we call Whatever Wednesday. On Whatever Wednesday we release videos to our YouTube channel about, you guessed it, whatever! Types of videos could include DIYs, taste tests, bonus recipes, WIAIADs, comedy videos and whatever else our brains can think of.

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Katherine and Devin are the girls behind the creating. Two high school best friends and serial creators. We have been creating for as long as we can remember. Creating is as much a part of our lives as flying is to a bird.


Katherine, the girl with the baking tattoo. I’m the girl behind all the recipes and help with all the writing on Two Market Girls. I’ve been a vegan since April 1st 2014 and have been creating recipes ever since. Creating recipes allows me to be creative everyday. While I could probably solely define myself around baking, it is not the only thing I do.

Some things about Katherine:

  • I write short stories and fiction novels (as a hobby).
  • I work as a studio manager.
  • I could cry everytime I see a puppy.
  • I’m itching to get more tattoos.
  • If I’m outside, I am in my happy place.
  • If I didn’t already have a boyfriend, I’d be dating Netflix.
  • Food puns are my jam.
  • I’m addicted to horror.
  • Donuts and pizza are life.


Devin, the girl with the camera. I’m the girl behind all the diy projects and Whatever Wednesdays. I help direct the visuals for Two Market Girls and make it all pretty for you. I’ve been creating for a couple years now, ever since I got tired of not being able to find exactly what I want or finding it and knowing I could make it for cheaper. I love to create things with my hands and my camera. If I’m not creating with my hands, I’m probably making something with my camera.

Some things about Devin:

  • I’m addicted to YouTube
  • I work as a Front End Developer
  • I wish my Kat cat was a puppy
  • I like cheese too much to go vegan, but I stopped eating beef because I saw a cow crying (I’m aware that sounds contradicting)
  • I want to travel and get more tattoos, but I keep getting distracted trying to make all the things